Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Market Ready different from a handy man?

As a licensed general contractor, and State of Ohio Master Plumber, Market Ready is trained and skilled in multiple trades: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Painting, Construction. We are professionals in SFH repairs and construction.

How do I get started with Market Ready?

One call to 614-545-3190, for all types of work, and we will schedule a free estimate for your repair or construction project. Market Ready manages everything for you, eliminating your scheduling and coordination issues.

After I call how long until I hear from someone?

Market Ready will contact you within 24 hours? Bids within three days of your call.

What services do you perform besides repairs?

Single Family Homes are our specialty, and we provide an assortment of construction, rehab, preservation, and maintenance services.

Does the work you perform have a guarantee?

Our repairs work is fully warranted for one year, and in case of buyers request for remedies transferable from seller to buyer after closing.

What type of work force do you have?

At Market Ready our tech’s are in marked vehicles, uniformed, insured, bonded, certified and licensed. They go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied.

What if a project requires a permit?

Market Ready is able to take care of administering all paperwork and permits that might be required for your repair.


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