This is a W-9 position. You will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the calendar year. There are no benefits offered.

We will send you 3 documents that are required to become a CPM for Market Ready.

  1. W-9
  2. County Check List
  3. Direct Deposit Form

We ask that you cover counties that are within 1 hour to 1 ½ hours of your home or business.

Once you’re on-boarded as a CPM, you’ll receive an email notification from our online project management platform. It will prompt you to create a username, and password. When you’ve done so, you will receive properties via our online project management platform for you to inspect. It will be listed as a “NEW TICKET” with instructions and information to access the property. The “Estimating Notes” detail the repairs the client is requesting to be bid upon. Or contact the Broker to meet you at the property to go over the repairs that are needed.

Once you’ve gained access to the property, we ask that you take clear and detailed photographs of the address plate, and all sides of the residence, including any detached buildings, and fences. (If any repairs are required on the exterior of the house, please take clear photos of said repairs). We then ask that you enter the property and address any and all repairs that will be needed to satisfy the requested repairs as well as any additional repairs necessary for, and incidental to, the requested repairs.

Items on the Broker Scope are the first to be addressed. We need measurements of all rooms, and photos of all rooms. Please take clear and accurate photos of all rooms, and make sure you’ve photographed the entire room. If repairs are required in a room, take clear and close photos of those repairs. We provide you with an Excel worksheet that will assist you in completing the inspection. Entering accurate information on these worksheets is very important for bidding purposes. You will not need to give a dollar value to any repairs needed. We need measurements, and scope of work, and materials needed to complete these repairs.

When you’ve obtained all information and photos, load all photos into a zip file, and upload the zip file along with the edited Excel worksheet “ESTIMATING NOTES” to the FMX website for that address, as well as an invoice for the service. Then switch the “Request Type” from “New Ticket” to “Bid Proposed”. You must click the GREEN SAVE TAB at the bottom of the screen.

“Bid Proposed” = Completed Estimating Notes including all requested and associated items uploaded into FMX, All necessary photos in a compliant compressed “zip” file uploaded into FMX, and your uniquely numbered invoice in PDF format uploaded into FMX.

Bid proposed (day 1) the same day = $75.00

Bid proposed (day 2) the next day = $65.00

Bid proposed (day 3) the day after that = $55.00

Bid proposed (day 4) the day after that = $45.00

Bid proposed (day 5) the day after that = $0.00

We then take your information and create a bid for our clients, and submit it. Once the bid is approved, it then becomes a Maintenance Request. This means that work is ready to proceed. Market Ready will provide the Vendors to perform the repair’s, you will be needed to run the project.

CPM Expectations once becoming a Maintenance Request:

Day 1: Property meeting with the Vendors. (Go over Scope of work, and detailed instructions of timeline, and ways to contact you).

Day 3 or 4: Progress Inspection. (If the Vendors look to not meet the complete timeline, make them aware).

Final: Pass/Fail Final inspection. (Photos of all passed completed work are required). If you’ve failed the inspection, you must then create a detailed PUNCHOUT LIST and upload it to the FMX website. Contractors are requested to complete PUNCHOUT LIST within 48 hours of it being listed. They are then to upload photos of the completed list. If you notice something is missing make a note on the FMX website that you’ll not return to the property until they uploaded a completed photo of that item. Once you’ve received all photos, we request you return to the property for another final inspection and photos. If the job is completed to customer satisfaction, you’ll then upload your invoice for running the project. This is paid at 8% of the project approval amount. If you are managing a job that has a value of $10,000.00, you’ll be paid a 4% “Management Fee”, 3% “On Time Bonus, and a 1% “Budget Bonus”.

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