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When It Gets Hot Outside Are You Ready?

Air conditioner maintenance and usage tips:

1) Filters of the air conditioner should be cleaned before the start of summer. Dirty filters restrict the inflow of air to the air conditioner, making it work harder. (consuming more electricity)

2) Lights, computers, televisions and all appliances radiate heat. Shut down these devices when not in use, as they will increase air conditioning load. Incandescent lights (old bulbs) radiate a lot up to 335 degrees of heat.

3) Keep the air conditioner at an ideal temperature of 72-74o F for the most energy efficient operation. Setting the thermostat too low may prevent the A/C unit from operating properly.

4) Keep lights, computers, televisions and other light-producing device away from the thermostat. They will impact the proper functioning of the thermostat and make the air conditioner work longer and consume more energy.

5) Using a ceiling fan with an air conditioner helps in reducing the cooling demand.

6) A very old air conditioner that needs repair regularly, should be replaced with an energy efficient energy star rated air conditioner. It is cheaper to buy a new air conditioner than repairing and maintaining an old air conditioner that consumes a lot of energy.

Maintaining and operating an air conditioner correctly can save a lot of energy and reduce electric bills. Get your AC in the right condition for the summer!

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