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Common Sidewalk Code Violations

Property code states that owners shall not allow the condition of the sidewalk, and/or driveway approach within the public right-of-way or easement to deteriorate.

If your property’s sidewalk, shared-use paths, or driveway meet any of the following conditions, it is time to repair or replace them to avoid violations:

  • Offset of one-half (½) inch or greater
  • Crack which has a gap of greater than one-half (½) inch
  • An area where a difference in elevation of material of one-half (½) inch or greater
  • Excessive deterioration, spalling or exposed gravel of one-half (½) inch or greater in depth
  • Excessive slope caused by a shifting of the sidewalk, shared-use path or driveway approach

Patching is not permitted as a means of eliminating the need for replacement! The complete removal or leveling of existing concrete is required of a concrete panel from joint to joint.
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