Prevent Contract Cancellations

As performance issues related to buyers’ requests for remedies comprise the leading cause for contract cancellations, Market Ready’s Remedies 360 solution is critical for preventing the many frustrations and costs that can result from subpar or haphazard execution.

Secure Industry-Standard Pricing

The urgency of closing can lead to inappropriate estimates related to remedy services (which can results in contract cancellation), in addition to overcharges to sellers. Market Ready’s Remedies 360 program, as vetted by HER Realtors’ executive team, ensures that sellers are not overcharged for services or charged for unnecessary services.

Ensure Timely Closings

While some remedy problems and failings do not result in contract cancellation, the effects are still damaging for the parties involved. Commission disbursements are delayed. Moves are put on hold. Brokerage and agent reputations are potentially damaged. And buyers and sellers alike are personally impacted. Market Ready’s Remedies 360 program protects a sale’s various interested parties from such frustrations and pains.

Enjoy One-Stop Shopping

Closing delays and cancellations related to buyers’ requests for remedies are often rooted in the fact that multiple service providers are being employed. Market Ready assumes the coordination of all service providers, most of which are staff members, and thereby prevents delays and performance failures.

Eliminate Liabilities

Remedies are often performed in a way that presents significant liabilities to all parties involved. Market Ready eliminates liabilities for sellers, buyers, agents, and brokers by ensuring all staff and contractors are sufficiently insured, by pulling all necessary permits, by maintaining all applicable certifications, by executing exhaustive safety programs, and by leveraging decades of construction management experience.

Obtain a Credible Warranty

Unfortunately, smaller residential contractors often do not provide a warranty, do not provide a transferrable warranty, or do not honor the warranties that they issue. Furthermore, warranties often go unused after remedy completions due to the fact that buyers’ lives are in transition at the point of performance (and the fact that multiple contractors are involved in the remedies). Market Ready provides a singular, credible, 1-year, full warranty for all remedy services performed.


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